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By analyzing key parameters such as historical price, trading volume, liquidity (swaps), community growth, and trust, our algorithm is able to identify high-yield tokens. Whether you're an experienced trader or a newcomer to the world of cryptocurrencies, our algorithm can help you make fast and informed decisions to maximize your returns.
The most balance tokens from verified by ratio of trading volume, swaps, liqudity and volume


Our product, built by experienced market practitioners, offers the Overview functionality - a quick and easy way to analyze key metrics for informed investing in DEX tokens. The screen includes Liquidity, Market Capitalization, Volume, Liquidity/Capitalization ratio, number of holders, Daily Volume, Total Supply, Age of Token, Product Description, and all necessary links.


Our Holders Details feature is a valuable and free tool for analyzing the distribution of a particular DEX token among its holders. With detailed information on top token holders and their balances, users can assess the level of token distribution and potential impact of large holders on the market, aiding investment decisions.

Security audit

Our Security Audit feature is designed to reduce investor risk and build trust by ensuring the security and transparency of any token. It examines various aspects, including swap analysis, contract analysis, holder analysis, and liquidity analysis, to identify any potential issues or vulnerabilities.
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Social - media AI analytic
Top Influencers mentioning coins, Follower count & engagement analysis, Active, inactive, and fake follower ratios, Community engagement metrics, AI chatGPT numerical scores with justifications, and Proprietary Ushi scores for balanced performance evaluation.
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Unique algorithm detects high-yield tokens
Social - media AI analytic
Analysis Major players and them behavior
Fit for novice and expiriencede investors
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With a fixed total Supply of 21,000,000,000 tokens and our burn functionality built into our contract, holders continue to gain value just by holding.
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GEM Hunter Lion
Check $USHI . Unlock the amazing potential of #uAnalytics with USHI. Get it to access detailed token analytics, advanced on-chain analytics and token verification algorithm to detect SCAMs. Invest and unlock the future of crypto with #USHI.
Vladimir Romanov
Growth is inevitable. Since our community is very strong
GEM Hunter Lion
Hi! Did you know that $USHI token and the uAnalytics #gem discovery product is revolutionizing the way microfinance projects are tracked and managed? With #USHI and #uAnalytics you can access valuable data insights quickly and easily.
#USHI will have a great future! It's just the beginning! #uAnalytics top assistant in finding gems💎
$USHI looks like it on a reversal, this communtiy never sleeps or gives up. @USHI_ETH
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$USHI good chart for dip, this community I appreciate they have future growth potential
Shill King
$USHI is the main token in the eco-system, a product that is an innovative research and analytics software in DeFi. This is not a scam shitcoin, but a real estate token. All info here 🐃💎
Today I found a really awesome AI tool that helps u find profitable shitcoins in real time even during a bear market! Their top list is pretty accurate $USHI I think the next run utilizing AI will be essential in remaining competitive with profitability
i'm a man of my word & bought $USHI. now we send it!
$USHI devs have the all the means and resources to push this to another universe! 🚀🚀🚀
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in 2023 there is an opportunity to fly to the moon on a rocket called $USHI. Don't miss the moment, take your place in the rocket!🔥🔥🔥
Ian Heinisch
When a community raids your twitter and your instagram hard, you know the community is strong! 👀

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